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About Brad!

Hi, I’m Brad, and this is my ultimate hobby.

My friends are always saying, ‘Mate, you can’t have more than one favourite.’ I can only guess this is a reaction to my endless, unbridled enthusiasm for pretty much everything. As an Aussie bloke, I tended to take this feedback as a compliment. At least at first. 

At some point I was like, not only can I have more than one favourite, but I can also have multiple favourites of multiple things. And you know what? I can prove it. If it’s on the internet it must be true, right? 

So I started this site as a bit of a joke, but then I got so into curating lists and finding my favourites in categories I’d never even heard of… One thing led to another, and now even my friends use my recommendations.

I have to admit, I’m no expert in some of the things you’ll find on this site, but rest assured, some of my mates are. And yes, these are the same mates that hate the idea of multiple favourites. 

For instance, Jack gives his take on male grooming tools, and Sheila is pretty in the know on women’s health, and fitness in general. They really can’t help themselves. It’s probably the thought of me hacking together lists in areas of their expertise that makes them cringe enough to share their insights. Whatever the reason, it makes my life easier, so I don’t argue.

So, anyway, in the words of the immortal Maria von Trapp, ‘these are a few of my favourite things’. Enjoy!