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The Best Nose Hair Trimmer On The Market

I’d like to be able to say I personally have no need for the best nose hair trimmer, or any nose hair trimmer for that matter. But in truth, I’m concerned that excessive nose hair is just a glimpse of things to come. 

Years ago I was teaching English in South Korea and being of a more hirsute persuasion than the natives, it was the first instance of my nasal flora eliciting comment. I was slightly abashed and suddenly definitely self conscious, especially given that my being taller than most means I may have been displaying offensive amounts of nose hair!

Not long after this first realisation I was approached by an excited local lad, who enthusiastically demanded I follow him to a nearby skill tester game and there, sitting amid the other prizes was a brand new nose hair trimmer! 

Who can say how long I tried? (45 minutes) or how much I spent? (roughly $8) acquiring this beauty but it was the only and therefore the best nose hair trimmer I had ever had.

1. Best All-In-One Trimmer And Man-Scaper – Philips Norelco 5100, NT5175/42

Best All-In-One Trimmer And Man-Scaper - Philips Norelco 5100, NT5175/42

Here’s the best all-in-one trimmer and styler. A one stop shop if you will. It seems that usually these all-in-one trimmers have some basic flaw with one of their attachments but this one seems across the board pretty damn good.

The trimmer removes unwanted nose, ear and eyebrow hair safely and comfortably. The comb attachment has rounded tips to comfortably trim your neck, sideburns, stubble and beard, blah, de, blah…

I find it strange as I read through these reviews that there is never any mention of the fact we all know men are trimming their chests and balls too. Don’t get uppity, I’m just saying what we’re all thinking.

This being the case, you definitely want an ultra-sharp Chromium steel blade to avoid pulling, unless you are trying to cry on cue. There’s a skin-guard technology surrounding the blade on this one and this protects against nicks and cuts. It also has a non-slip grip so you can really sculpt out those difficult to get to places.

That being said, it’s also fully washable and I would 100% encourage anyone to keep an instrument like this as clean as possible and not lazily return it to the bag to fester. 

What is included? It comes with 2 eyebrow trimming combs, Precision trimmer, DualCut detail trimmer, Lithium AA battery, 2 eyebrow trimming combs, beard comb, pouch and cleaning brush. I guess one of those is the nose and ear hair trimmer?

2. The Best Straight Up Nose Hair Trimmer – ToiletTree Professional Steel Nose Trimmer

The Best Straight Up Nose Hair Trimmer - ToiletTree Professional Steel Nose Trimmer

Accordingly, this trimmer has a versatile head that’s perfect for two hair types and serviceable for a third. I’m not sure what the third means? Arm hair, mole hair? I think it’s just talking about eyebrows but it wants to keep a sense of mystery about it.

Like any of these trimmers in this classic shape I don’t think they are the best trimmers for eyebrows. Tweezers by your mirror can fill that gap. I encourage all men to regularly check their eyebrows. I once came home from a date and realised I had a 2 inch stray sticking directly out of my left eyebrow. No good night kiss for me.

Though in a “low” noise category, this trimmer is louder than many of the others I reviewed.

You can probably still safely use it even when your family is trying to sleep without having to worry about it waking them up. And it’s probably also quiet enough that your flatmates won’t think you’ve gone into the bathroom for some kind of battery aided wank.

While it’s not waterproof, it is water resistant and is therefore durable enough to be taken into the shower. That’s a time-saver people!

It also comes with a dust protection cap to keep the blades in good condition. How cute, it wears a hat.

Speaking of blades, they’re made of stainless steel and have their own LED light ring around the tip to help illuminate your efforts. You can’t set them to time to music but technology continues to advance so maybe with the next model…

The rest of the trimmer is made with heavy-duty steel that is rust resistant and assured to last for a long time.

This trimmer is also battery powered, and it only requires one battery instead of two. Cha-chink… Saving!

I’ve found this machine to be the best nose hair trimmer for entry level usage as it was designed for the beginner (much like my first Korean machine which is – one of the reasons I have a soft spot for it).

Most of the customers rave about how, no matter how hard they try, they are unable to cause any pain to themselves while using it. Oh to be a fly on the wall…

The ToiletTree nose trimmer should give you a nice trim for a long time, and if it doesn’t last for some reason, the company will replace it. That’s a winning combination.

3. The Best Nose Hair Trimmer For Sneaky Grooming – AMAGRAM Nose Hair Trimmer

The Best Nose Hair Trimmer For Sneaky Grooming - AMAGRAM Nose Hair Trimmer

I love the way they’ve photographed this one. It’s very Journey to the Centre of the Earth. 

This trimmer is one of the quietest on the market and is excellent at trimming most types of facial hair. If silent trimming is an essential factor for your decision, this might be the best possible choice you can make.

It’s perfect for guys who have to get their morning grooming done while others are still sleeping or who just personally can’t stand a constant, incessant buzzing while they trim. 

Despite its quiet noise level, this trimmer has one of the best and fastest motors you’ll find on a traditional nose hair trimmer. 

It’s also lightweight, so good if you’re travelling and only have hand luggage. It’s also totally waterproof, and the head is removable for thorough washing.

One down side is the trimmer doesn’t have as many stainless steel parts, this means that it may not last quite as long as those competitor models. But who cares as it has a meager asking price and a lifetime warranty. 

Both of these additions more than makeup for this flaw, in my eyes.

4. The Best Nose Hair Trimmer For Space Men – Fred Atomic

The Best Nose Hair Trimmer For Space Men - Fred Atomic

Come on people who wouldn’t want this raygun shaped trimmer? 

Then if your girlfriend sees it lying around the house she’ll either ignore it or immediately want to play with it. You can be assured she’ll drop it as soon as you tell her what it’s used for though. Or, similarly if anyone asks you could say you’re on a mission to save the Earth? 

Totally up to you, but in my opinion, for the price of this trimmer and the single AA battery it requires it’s a total steal. You can even reenact scenes from Flash Gordon.

Ok so probably not the best choice for anything other than novelty value but an excellent idea for Secret Santa!

5. Best Nose Hair Trimmer Rechargeable – ROZIA Professional 3-in-1 Facial Hair Trimmer

Best Nose Hair Trimmer Rechargeable - ROZIA Professional 3-in-1 Facial Hair Trimmer

This trimmer is excellent for trimming all types of hair and has a superb rechargeable battery. 

This is perfect for men who have to trim everything often, either in the bathroom or at a hotel. Yes I’d like to check in, that’s a king suite for me and my nose hair trimmer. 

I just mean for those frequent travellers, you can charge before you go and not have to remember the actual charger as well.

This is one of the best all-around trimmers out there and it comes with three different heads! 

To me this seems kind of excessive? I mean there are some mornings I would like an option of an extra head just for myself. But just one extra would suffice. 

To break it down that means one is for nose and ear hair (I’m calling it cavity fuzz), the other is for eyebrow hair, and the last is for any other facial hair that you want to trim away. Useful if you are Teen Wolf.

Swapping the heads is super easy and only takes a couple of seconds. Each of the heads is individually washable to keep them operating for years to come. 

Although it’s made with general metal and plastic materials, this probably won’t translate into a trimmer that lasts for years on end, but at it’s very affordable price, replacing the whole thing isn’t much of an issue.

It has a rechargeable battery that provides 45 minutes of power once at full charge. This is the best of both worlds in terms of power supply. 

There’s a small battery life light located at the bottom of the trimmer to let you know how much time you have before you need to plug it in again. That really takes the anxiety out of it!

6. Best Rated Nose And Ear Hair Trimmer – Panasonic ER430K Nose and Ear Hair Trimmer

Best Rated Nose And Ear Hair Trimmer - Panasonic ER430K Nose and Ear Hair Trimmer

Panasonic is one of the few manufacturers trying a different cutting blade in a classic design, and it’s a real improvement over the average trimmer. The ER430K also comes with a handy vacuum feature.

“This trimmer is superb for ear or nose hair and quickly catches any particles or debris within its apparatus.” This sentence really irks me, apparatus? Eww.

I’ll explain, or at least the manufacturers will… It’s not satisfied to simply trim your nose hair (we have now personified a nose hair trimmer), it also uses a tiny vacuum to collect the hairs in a little trap for later disposal.

The smart vacuum cleaning system, or the “apparatus” (again eww) that surrounds the cutting blades, is really great at quickly collecting any debris or hair particles into the chamber. 

The manual says to clean the trimmer with the motor off, but if you do run it while submerged it’ll scrub the blades really well as it will draw the water through the same vacuum system. I’m not sure this is recommended but it’s a handy tip.

The only down sides are that it’s not super great for trimming eyebrow hair or other facial hair. 

This one’s battery operated with a low noise level so you can hear someone approaching if you are trimming on the sly. 

Unfortunately, the  battery life is also comparably lower than some of the other trimmers out there but that seems to be due to the fact that the motor is a little more powerful.

All in all, despite the use of the word apparatus, this is definitely a contender for the best nose hair trimmer.

7. The Best Nose Hair Trimmer Budget Option – Andis Fast Trim Personal Trimmer

The Best Nose Hair Trimmer Budget Option - Andis Fast Trim Personal Trimmer

Nose hair: Check. Ear tendrils: Check. Anything else? 

The manufacturer also labels this an eyebrow shaper but in terms of precision it’s easy to cut too deeply into your eyebrows so, unless you are planning on lifting your street cred with some wicked eyebrow stripes I’d stick to just using it on your nose and ears. 

It’s cordless, which is always nice, and optimized to meet nearly every inconspicuous grooming need with a series of recessed cutting blades that manage a closer, safer trim in seconds. 

A good weight and adequate feel encourage styling around the brow. In addition, Andis endorses a 5-year warranty to back up its product quality. I am not sure how anyone makes any money in this game?

The Andis Fast Trim is your basic model: a thin, round silver tool with a small rotary implement at one end. That means this trimmer doesn’t do anything except trim ears and noses – but it does that just fine, for only eight bucks or thereabouts.

The Fast Trim runs on a single AA battery which powers the rotary cutting blades. They’re recessed inside the end of the trimmer so they don’t actually come in contact with the inside of your ears or nose. Yay!

They simply trim the excess hair quickly and efficiently. The cutting blades are made from rust proof, surgical stainless steel so they can be rinsed off under the tap, although the unit itself is not considered so you can’t pretend it’s a submarine if using it in the bath. I know, bummer right?.

It can be easy to snap judge the merits of a product based on price, and I know that I am frequently guilty of this, but from the reviews the Andis Personal Trimmer does as good – or better – on nose and ear hair than the higher-priced units. It just doesn’t do anything else besides trim the pesky hairs in those two sensitive areas. But that, is exactly, what we’re here for.

8. Best Nose Hair Trimmer For Men – ConairMan – PG1000

Best Nose Hair Trimmer For Men - ConairMan – PG1000

This has nothing to do with Nicholas Cage so don’t get too excited, though judging from that guy’s chest hair and eyebrows he probably uses one of these, daily.  

“ConairMAN makes it easy for you to touch up those useless hairs that get on your nerves” 

Damn it, you useless hairs, you’re getting on my God damn nerves! (Swigs whiskey from bottle)….

This man’s man of a nose hair trimmer runs on a single AA battery (not included, boo!), and guarantees no one will mess with you. And by no-one, I mean those useless hairs. 

Not only does it have a diamond shaped 3 bevel blade for super close trimming of your ear and nose hairs, but it also comes with a trimmer and shaver attachment so you can contour that beard perfectly along your manly jawline.

Potentially, you could even remove said beard, when running from the law for a crime you did not commit?

The Best Nose Hair Trimmer: In Conclusion

So now that you know what to buy and where to buy it, you can get started. I found this beautifully stupid piece of copy to inspire you to greatness.

“A man’s face is his statement. Sometimes bold, sometimes subdued, always individual.”

So come on guys, let’s make that statement, or did we already do it by being men with faces? I’m unsure, it’s confusing.

Just remember whenever you’re trimming there are a few golden rules for best results.

Make sure that the lighting is good even if your trimmer is equipped with a light.

Have access to a decent mirror that you don’t have to stoop or lean to see properly.

Make sure the area you are removing hair from is both clean and dry. You don’t want to clog the mechanism with a booger.

And never drink and drive, especially if you are doing your eyebrows.

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